Soy Candles 

Fill your home with these fabulous scented candles!  

 Choose scents for special occasions, every season, and for everyday.
 Our Soy Candles are richly scented and have great scent throw.
We offer our candles only in soy because it is non toxic and comes
from a renewable resource.
Soy burns clean without leaving soot, and is easy to clean up spills
 with hot soapy water.


New Candles !

Our jar candle contains about 6.5 oz. of wax and is very long burning.

Melting Tarts

The tart contains about 3.3 oz. of wax.

To use break off one cube and place in your tart warmer. Each tart has 6 cubes.

The burn time depends on your warmer and how hot it gets. 

We usually change out our tarts once a week.